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Attention! Doctors of the institution conduct appointments only by appointment! To register for paid services, you must present a TIN.


Patient's office

From now on, the Kyiv City Territorial Medical Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has a convenient online service for making appointments, which will help patients save their time.

"The Patient's Cabinet provides many opportunities to independently monitor their health and check all information from their electronic outpatient record.

An important advantage of the Patient's Cabinet is secure authorization via ID.GOV.UA, which allows patients to choose the most practical way to log in: using an electronic signature, file media, token, cloud storage, ID card, and Diia.Signature, NBU ID bank (PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Universal Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Ukrsibbank, etc.)

After successful authorization, the patient can view personal information about their interaction with doctors:
-An appointment with the chosen doctor;
-Repeated appointment with a doctor
-Postponement and cancellation of an appointment with a doctor.

The patient can also view their own medical history:
-Health history
-Vaccination details
-details of medical reports;
-results and conclusions of each of the doctor's appointments
-Referrals and prescriptions made during one of the appointments.

In order to start using all the benefits of the Patient's Cabinet, you need to visit the polyclinic of the State Institution "TMA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv" in room 302 with a certificate of the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (if any), a passport of a citizen of Ukraine (or an ID card including a certificate of registration of residence), and a taxpayer registration number. The registrar will verify your personal data, including your phone number and email address, and then register your electronic card.

Immediately after registering at the healthcare facility, you can log in to the Patient's Area and make an appointment with a doctor.

For quick access to the service, use the QR code or follow the link below

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