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TRE-therapy in the Department of Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation

On 21 August, Anna Pizhurina, a practical psychologist of the Department of Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation, conducted a practical group lesson on TRE therapy with patients, using David Berzel's TRE technique: Trauma Releasing Exercises, aimed at relieving deep chronic tension and restoring an inner sense of peace and calm. 

This technique is used in the psychological rehabilitation of individuals for bodily work with stress and trauma. Special physical exercises activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is a self-help method, meaning that it can be implemented by the victim independently after several training sessions with a psychologist. The technique operates at the bodily level without much involvement of the conscious mind. Therefore, there is no resistance to its implementation, especially during the preliminary acquaintance of the patient with the procedure.

At first, the psychologist demonstrates all the exercises, and at the next stage, all participants repeat the movements after the specialist. Also, during TRE therapy, a set of exercises is individually selected, taking into account the patient's condition, and physical, psychological, and socio-cultural characteristics.

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