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Presentation of "Games of the Unconquered" in the Department of Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation

Volodymyr Yuriyovych Tovkys, who sustained a severe life-threatening brain injury back in 2019, is undergoing rehabilitation at the Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation Department of the Kyiv City Territorial Medical Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. For a long time, Volodymyr was in a coma and the doctor's prognosis was extremely unfavorable. But the thirst for life won out. Later, Vladimir was assigned a group 1 disability.

Thanks to his efforts and sports, Volodymyr was able to return to a full life and joined the team of the Invictus Games international sports competition to be held in Dusseldorf in 2023, and became the representative of Ukraine from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Volodymyr has returned to his military unit as a civilian and is now engaged in training the military.
With Volodymyr's active participation, a meeting with the organizers and participants of the Invictus Games project was held at the Hospital and an open training session was held for the patients of the department. Patients with injuries of varying severity expressed interest in the opportunity to join the Invictus Games competition. At the end of the training, the patients were presented with elements of the team's sportswear.

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