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Classes with families of military personnel

Providing psychological support has a great potential to restore families affected by hostilities.

Today, the families of defenders face many problems of various kinds. In particular, due to the lack of knowledge, culture, personal characteristics of family members, and several other factors, different types of reactions and, accordingly, behavior arise. This moment is usually accompanied by shocks, leading to a state of stress, and causing a sense of confusion and helplessness. A sharp change in the social status and financial situation of the family, as well as the severe psychological state of the head of the family, cannot but affect all its members. Therefore, it is necessary to provide social and psychological assistance not only to the serviceman but also to all his relatives - parents, wife, and children. That is why the work of a psychologist with the whole family is extremely important for the positive adaptation of the serviceman and the whole family.

Practical psychologists of the State Institution "MIA of Ukraine TMC in Kyiv and Kyiv Region" constantly provide psychological support to family members of servicemen and conduct psycho-correctional sessions with them.


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