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Art therapy at the Centre for Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation

Currently, many different programs are being implemented in Ukraine and abroad to rehabilitate defenders, centers are being set up and psychologists are being consulted. One of the most common methods of therapy is art therapy.

     This is a type of psychotherapy through the visual arts - drawing, graphics, painting, and sculpture. Game, sand, theatre, dance, music, and photography therapy are used as auxiliary technologies. Art therapy teaches people to understand and express feelings that have been suppressed, develop artistic and creative abilities, provide material for interpretation and diagnostic conclusions, and act as a means of communication with the patient on a symbolic level.

     This week, the Centre's practical psychologist conducted an art therapy session using the "Tree, Resource Search" technique at the medical and psychological rehabilitation department. During the session, each of the participants had the opportunity to share their feelings and communicate with each other in an informal atmosphere.

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