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Psychological training for military personnel to develop self-regulation skills

Psychological work with servicemen continues at the Kyiv City Territorial Military Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. On 14 July, practical psychologist Valentyna Kurinna conducted a psychological training session for military personnel to develop self-regulation skills.
        Self-regulation is the management of one's psycho-emotional state, which is achieved by a person's influence on himself or herself through words, mental images, muscle tone and breathing control. As a result of self-regulation, three main effects can occur: calming, recovery, and activation.
        The main goal of the class was to provide effective methods of managing one's psycho-emotional state, as timely self-regulation is an important psycho-hygienic tool that contributes to the completeness of recovery, normalises the emotional background of activity, and enhances the mobilisation of the body's resources.

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