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Functional diagnostics department

The offices of functional diagnostics are located, both in the hospital hospital hospital and in the clinic of the hospital (with a clinic).Department of Functional Diagnostics - This is a multiprofile diagnostic unit, equipped with modern, high-informative medical equipment of foreign and domestic production, which has rooms for examination of cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, nervous system, trunk and peripheral vessels and whose workers are used in their work. Modern methods of research (ECG; ultrasonic echocardiography of the heart; ultrasonic dopplerography of vessels; study of respiration function, etc.), which allow to detect pathology in the acute period or early stage of the disease, which enables clinicists doctors to appoint appropriate treatment and reduce the risk of complications.

In the department of functional diagnostics, stationary patients are examined, outpatient patients who have a referral to the examination of clinics doctors, as well as others. Citizens when applying.


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