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Attention! Since 01.01.2021 the institution will provide doctor`s appointment only! If you want to register for fee-for-service medicine, please provide your tax payer number.

Dental department

The dental department of the hospital (with a polyclinic) is located on the 4th floor in the building of the polyclinic, and was created for the purpose of carrying out medical practice for the provision of outpatient medical and preventive care to the contingent attached to the Hospital (with a polyclinic) and other citizens of Ukraine.

The Dental Department provides therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical care. The department employs only doctors of the first and highest category. The department includes an office of orthopedic dentistry and a dental laboratory.

The department is provided with modern equipment and modern filling materials. Provides outpatient care for dental patients, directing its work to the prevention of diseases of the maxillofacial region and outpatient supervision in order to prevent precancerous diseases and tumors of the oral mucosa.

An atmosphere of care and warmth reigns in the department and helps each patient to feel confident and calm.

The technical equipment allows doctors to detect the first invisible pathologies and draw up a qualified treatment plan.


Phone: (044) 489-45-36

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