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Otorhinolaryngologic cabinet

In the hospital (with a clinic) on the 5th floor of the surgical department there are two otolaryngological offices.

Cabinets are equipped with modern equipment, which allows for the maximum detailed patient examination. In our practice, we use the most advanced techniques for treating illnesses of ENT organs that do not require radical intervention in the patient's body. Careful laboratory and instrumental control of the treatment process allows you to guarantee a high and long result.

With the help of endoscopic tools, you and your family members will conduct a diagnosis and removal of polyps, papilla from the nasal cavity.

Cabinet doctors are a conservative and punctuation method, tonsillitis, medical rhinitis will carry out the removal of foreign bodies from the ear, throat, nose, the method of moving on the project will be washed by the nasal cavity.

All patients suffering from illnesses of ENT organs should be remembered that only timely diagnosis and treatment will help quickly and without risk of developing complications to restore your health.

Turning to the doctor-otolaryngologist of our institution, you can be sure that in each clinical case you will pick up an individual treatment scheme, monitor the entire process of therapy to complete recreation.



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