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Group lesson "Lighthouse" at the VMPR

Art therapy is implemented as an innovative technology that has in its arsenal a therapeutic and corrective set of techniques for working out and re-adapting a person in society. As a multifunctional type of psychotherapeutic assistance, it helps to solve a number of problems in the process of rehabilitation of military personnel and combatants, in particular, in cases of traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress disorders. In the process, the traumatic experience is transferred to visual materials, using non-verbal expression, and protective and communicative aspects of the metaphorical language of images.

On August 31, a group session "Lighthouse" was held for patients of the Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation Department. This is an ART-therapeutic technique with elements of relaxation.  The session was conducted by a practical psychologist Anna Pizhurina. During the session, each of the participants had the opportunity to share their feelings and communicate with each other in an informal atmosphere. The session ended with a presentation of drawings and a circle of feelings.

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