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Vaccination against COVID-19

In response to the global pandemic, the State Institution "Territorial Medical Association of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the city of Kyiv" is conducting a vaccination campaign with the overall goal of stopping the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19, reducing mortality and complications from COVID-19.
The administrative and medical staff of the institution is making efforts to cover the vaccination campaign with as many citizens as possible from among the attached contingent, as well as persons who have expressed a desire to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
Everyone can be vaccinated.
To do this, you need to
- contact the registration office of the polyclinic;
- get an outpatient card, or create a new one in case of initial treatment and automatically register with a doctor
- be examined by a therapist and, if there are no contraindications, be vaccinated.
     After vaccination, the patient is monitored for 30 minutes by a responsible doctor for adverse reactions.
Timely vaccination protects against the severe course of the disease even in case of infection. Only through joint efforts, and a responsible attitude in compliance with quarantine measures, we will overcome the pandemic!

For more detailed information on vaccination, please call: 097-093-95-63, 095-608-39-33; 483-21-54; 483-22-07

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