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Art therapy in the department of medical and psychological rehabilitation

On 15 November, the multidisciplinary team of the Municipal Institution "TMA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv" held an art therapy session with a psychotherapist. They come not only from colored pencils and markers but also from patients who radiate them. This week, art therapy under the guidance of psychotherapist Anna Pizhurina was held with our defenders in the medical and psychological rehabilitation department of the rehabilitation center. 

The advantage of the art-therapeutic approach when conducting sessions with a therapeutic group is the safety of this method for participants, and the possibility of self-expression through creative products and work with them. The art-therapeutic approach provides expanded opportunities to work with different life circumstances (age, level of trauma, opportunities for reflection, etc.).

This time, the participants worked on their thoughts and feelings. Each participant increased the level of social communication and mutual respect. Each patient had the opportunity to find themselves among the colorful colors and create their own picture of emotions.

In honor of all patients undergoing rehabilitation in this department, the center is decorated with a painting created during a group art therapy session. It is a reminder that, despite all the difficulties, life goes on and it is up to each of us to make it brighter.

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