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Attention! Since 01.01.2021 the institution will provide doctor`s appointment only! If you want to register for fee-for-service medicine, please provide your tax payer number.

Ophtalmology department

In the hospital (with a clinic) on the 5th floor of the surgical department there are two ophthalmic offices.

Cabinets are equipped with modern equipment, which allows for the maximum detailed patient examination.

Diagnostic equipment allows you to obtain almost all parameters of the visual analyzer contactless, which significantly reduces the risk of any inflammatory complications and increases the comfort of the patient's procedure.

With the help of a laser installation "VITRA", Tonometer TOPON (AB), modern diagnostic techniques, etc. The doctor will conduct a complex of laserocoagulation of retina, contactless tonometry,

ophthalmoscopy, biomicrocopy, determine the reflection of the field of view and more. Highly skilled professionals will host glasses, perform parabulbar and sub-correction injections, will remove third-party

corneals and curable conjunctivitis.

If necessary, a retrinological doctor provides consultation and treatment.


Contacts.: 483-21-54. 489-45-32.

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