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Medical examinations

As part of the State Institution "TMA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for the city of Kyiv" on the 2nd floor there is a department of medical examinations.

The department provides the following services:

-medical reviews (upon hiring, periodic)

-medical examination of candidates for drivers and vehicle drivers;

-medical examination of persons to obtain a permit (license) for an object of the permitting system;

-medical examination of candidates for security guards and security guards of business structures;

-medical review of the decreed contingent (sanitary books).

- medical examination of persons applying for a position related to the performance of the functions of the state or local government;

- issuance of medical certificates for the object of the permitting system (license)

- issuance of medical certificates to persons applying for immigration

Issuance of certificates F-127 / o, F-083 / o, F 122-2 / o

Medical examinations are carried out by doctors of the highest category.

The necessary laboratory, radiological and functional research methods are carried out.

Provides advantageous offers for organizations to conduct periodic medical examinations of workers!

The quality of medical examinations, a convenient schedule, and a short time frame are guaranteed.

We provide services - quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively!


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