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Attention! Doctors of the institution conduct appointments only by appointment! To register for paid services, you must present a TIN.

Cabinet for the provision of paid medical services and insurance medicine

The hospital (with a polyclinic) serves mainly employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and their family members, but other citizens of Ukraine have the right to be served on the terms of concluded agreements, according to the legislation of Ukraine.

There is a specially created office of insurance medicine in the Institution.

The office works with all patients who want to be examined and treated in the hospital (with a polyclinic) on a commercial basis.

For patients in the hospital (with a polyclinic) all conditions are created in order to undergo examination and treatment in the shortest possible time. We provide medical services as outpatient and inpatient.

Treatment or examination begins with a consultation with a specialist doctor who gives a conclusion about the need for outpatient or inpatient (by hospitalization) treatment. To complete the documents, you should apply to room №105 (have your passport and medical certificate).

Upon completion of treatment, patients receive a full package of medical and financial documents.

Experienced doctors of the hospital (with a polyclinic) are always ready to provide highly qualified assistance to you and your family in all areas of modern medicine.

Health is more valuable than gold!  

Consultation can be obtained by phone (044) 483-16-92

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