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Attention! Since 01.01.2021 the institution will provide doctor`s appointment only! If you want to register for fee-for-service medicine, please provide your tax payer number.

Provision of paid medical services of insurance medicine department

In the hospital (with a clinic) mainly employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and their families, but have the right to service other citizens of Ukraine on the terms of concluded agreements, according to the legislation of Ukraine.

The institution functions a specially created office of insurance medicine.

The cabinet works with all patients who want to be examined and treated in a hospital (with a clinic) on a commercial basis.

For patients with a hospital (with a clinic), all conditions are created in order to undergo an examination and treatment in the shortest possible time. We will provide medical services as an outpatient-polyclinic so stationary.

Treatment or examination begins with a specialist's doctor's consultation, which gives a conclusion that an outpatient or inpatient (by hospitalization) treatment. For registration of documents, you must refer to the office number 105 (with our passport and medical conclusion).

Upon completion of treatment, patients receive a complete package of medical and financial documents.

Experienced hospital doctors (with a clinic) are always ready to provide highly skilled assistance to you and your relatives in all directions of modern medicine.

Health - more expensive gold!


Consultation can be obtained by phone (044) 483-16-92

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