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X-ray cabinet

In the hospital (with a polyclinic) of TMA on the 3rd and 6th floors of the polyclinic building there are fluorographic X-ray diagnostic rooms equipped with modern X-ray machines with digital image processing, which allows performing the following examinations safely, qualitatively, and timely:

  • fluorography of chest organs;
  • radiography:

- chest organs,

- bone and joint system,

- departments of the spine,

- ribs,

- colon sinuses,

- teeth,

- orthopantomography.

Medical X-ray diagnostic care is provided by radiologists and X-ray laboratory technicians of the highest and first category, who have extensive theoretical and practical experience in X-ray diagnostics of somatic pathology, traumatic injuries, early diagnosis of cancer, and tuberculosis.

Contact Phone (044)489-45-25.

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