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Physiotherapy department

The department is an integral part of the treatment process of the vast majority of both inpatient and outpatient patients.

The list of types of procedures provided in the FTV hospital (with the clinic) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Kiev"

Electrotherapy (galvanization and drug electrophoresis, diadynamic and sinusoidal modulated currents therapy, electrophoresis pulsed currents, electrostimulation, ultraton therapy and d'arsonvalization)

Magnetotherapy and magneto-zerotherapy

High-frequency electromagnetic fields (UHF therapy, CMB therapy)

Treatment with mechanical vibrations (ultrasound and ultraphonophoresis)

Phototherapy (light therapy) - ultraviolet radiation, infrared irradiation, laser irradiation

aerosol therapy

Heat treatment (osokerito-parafinolation)

Massage and physical therapy

Reflexology and manual therapy

Shower - massage underwater - improves blood supply to the skin and hemodynamics in general, improves metabolism, trophic function, promotes rapid dissolving of tissue swelling and joint sweats, hemorrhage, accelerates the process of restoring motor function.

Shower hydrolaser - increases immunity, has a stimulating effect on the circulatory organs, normalizes blood and venous pressure, strengthens the vessels of the lower extremities (prevention of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis), gives an unsurpassed cosmetic effect, promotes weight loss and cleulitis, has an antidepressant and anti-stress effect;

A vortex bath for the limbs - normalization of the tone of the muscles of the lower extremities, "removal of leg fatigue" increase the overall performance and resistance of the body.

Press therapy (lymphodrenage) - helps to get rid of cellulite.

Color therapy (chromotherapy) is a direction in which the influence of color scheme through the eyes and skin is used, it stimulates our nervous and endocrine systems, stimulates our life processes.

Skeletal spine stretching ("dry") is one of the methods of fractional therapy, for unloading the spine, relieving muscle spasm, reducing muscle contracture, reducing internal disc pressure, increasing the height between the vertebral disc, releasing from the pressure of the nerve structures of the spine.

The quant - camera (sauna infrared) - one of the main features of the infrared sauna is that that it improves, stimulates and tones the activity of the whole body, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and bone-muscle system, improves overall well-being.

Hydrocolonotherapy (intestinal cleansing, bowel wash) - experts recommend hydrocolonotherapy to those who have problems with the fat intestine, as the accumulation of toxins really prevents such people to live fully. Dietitians are also delighted with hydrocolon therapy, as after 5-7 procedures the weight of a person is reduced by an average of 3-5 kilograms.

Thermomyostimulation on the device "Nuga-best" - is based on the principles of Eastern and Western medicine: reflex therapy, point massage and warm-up with long-wave infrared rays.

Shock - wave therapy - under the influence of shock wave there is a change in the mechanical properties of tissues, destroyed calcificates of bones and growth of connective tissue in tendons and fascia.

Medical services of the physiotherapy department are to be used qualitatively and at an affordable price.


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