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Neurology in-patient department

As part of the hospital, DO "TMA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine operate two neurological deputions that are located on the 4th and 5 floors of the hospital body, each of 40 beds with comfortable 1,2 and 3-dimensional chambers.

   Neurological deputions are intended to provide skilled and specialized medical care to ill neurological profile.
      Проводиться обстеження, лікування та реабілітація хворих на:

  • Acute vascular pathology of the main and spinal cord and their consequences.
  • Chronic vascular pathology of the main and spinal cord, neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Demyelinizing and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system.
  • Consequences of central injuries (craniocerebral, spinal injuries) and peripheral nervous system.
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (neuropathy, neuralgia of various localization and etiology, polyneuropathy).
  • Neurological manifestations of degenerative-dystrophic spine diseases.
  • Diseases of the autonomic nervous system (vegetative dysfunction of different etiologies, vegetative paroxysms).
  • Pathology of the central and peripheral nervous system is caused by somatic diseases (in compensation stage).

   In a comprehensive examination and treatment of neurological patients, modern methods of diagnosis and physiotherapeutic treatment are used in the corresponding departments of the hospital (with a polyclinic) TMA.

     The department is closely cooperating with the leading specialists of the DU "Institute of Neurosurgery. the acad. AP Romodanova NAMS of Ukraine ", Department of Neurology NMAPO them. Pll Shupika.



Contact Phones:

Neurological department №1: 483-22-97

Neurological department №2: 483-23-72

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