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Day patient department

     The day hospital of the polyclinic is a structural subdivision of the hospital polyclinic (with a polyclinic) of the State Institution "TMO of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv", created to provide qualified medical care to patients by hospitalizing them for the daytime in the absence of indications for permanent medical supervision, as well as for medical supervision after surgery and instrumental procedures on the principle of one-day surgery.

For treatment and medical observation after surgery or instrumental examinations, patients from the attached contingent and persons enrolled for medical care under contracts for the provision of paid medical services are sent.

    Referral of patients to the day hospital is carried out by doctors of the polyclinic following the List of diseases to be treated in the day hospital of the TMO polyclinic.

    Hospitalization in the day hospital for observation after surgery or after instrumental examinations on the principle of one-day surgery is carried out following the approved List of types of medical and diagnostic care.

Patients are admitted to the day hospital on a planned and emergency basis in the absence of contraindications for outpatient treatment.

I. List of diseases to be treated in the day hospital of the TMO polyclinic.

Hypertension I-II stage, with uncomplicated hypercrises, without rhythm disturbance;
Uncomplicated forms of ischemic heart disease;
Obliterating diseases of the vessels of the lower extremities;
Chronic persistent or cryptogenic hepatitis without impairment or with mild or moderate impairment of liver function;
Steatohepatitis with mild or moderate impairment of liver function;
Varicose veins;
Diseases of the joints: gout, arthrosis, polyarthrosopathy;
Acute catarrhal otitis media and sinusitis;
Conservative treatment of sensory deafness and deafness;
Chronic prostatitis in the state of exacerbation.
Diseases of the nervous system.

Cerebrovascular diseases:

- initial manifestations of cerebrovascular disease;

- discirculatory encephalopathy of the 1st, and 11th degree (in the absence of severe cognitive impairment);

Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system:

- consequences of meningitis, arachnoiditis, and encephalomyelitis without neurological deficit;

Demyelinating diseases of the CNS:

- consequences of disseminated encephalomyelitis without neurological deficit;

CNS and PNS trauma:

- long-term consequences of TBI (without episyndrome, gross neurological deficit, cognitive impairment);

- consequences of peripheral nerve injuries.

Diseases of the PNS:

- trigeminal neuralgia;

- chronic radiculopathy with sensory disturbances, peripheral paresis;

- diabetic distal polyneuropathy.

II. List of types of medical and diagnostic care in the day hospital of the TMO polyclinic according to the system of one-day surgery.

Surgical treatment of wounds;
Removal of benign tumors of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and mucous membranes;
Surgical treatment of ingrown nail;
Removal of foreign bodies;
Coagulation and necrotization of hemorrhoids;
Surgical treatment of abscesses of various etiology and localization (panaritium, paranitium, hydradenitis, carbuncle, boil, purulent bartholinitis, coccyx cyst, etc;)
Excision of keloid scars;
Application of primary - delayed, early, and late sutures.
Correction of traumatic dislocations of limb segments;
Application and removal of plaster casts;
Removal of eyelid cholazions, barley;
Correction of eyelid eversion and eversion;
Laser coagulation of the retina;
Removal of small foreign bodies of conjunctiva, eyelids, and cornea;
Opening of abscesses of the nasal membrane, and ear canal;
Puncture of maxillary sinuses;
Electrocoagulation of the cervix;
Removal of the intrauterine device;
Complicated tooth extraction;
Dislocation of the lower jaw.

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