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Day patient department

As part of the State Institution "TMA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for the city of Kiev" on the 2nd floor there is a department of medical examinations.

The department provides the following services:

-medical reviews (upon hiring, periodic)

-medical examination of candidates for drivers and vehicle drivers;

-medical examination of persons to obtain a permit (license) for an object of the permitting system;

-medical examination of candidates for security guards and security guards of business structures;

-medical review of the decreed contingent (sanitary books).

- medical examination of persons applying for a position related to the performance of the functions of the state or local government;

- issuance of medical certificates for the object of the permitting system (license)

- issuance of medical certificates to persons applying for immigration

Issuance of certificates F-127 / o, F-083 / o, F 122-2 / o

Medical examinations are carried out by doctors of the highest category.

The necessary laboratory, radiological and functional research methods are carried out.

Provides advantageous offers for organizations to conduct periodic medical examinations of workers!

The day hospital of the polyclinic is a structural subdivision of the polyclinic of the hospital (with the polyclinic) of the State Institution "TMO of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev", created to provide qualified medical care to patients, by hospitalization during the day in the absence of indications for constant medical supervision, as well as for medical supervision after surgery and instrumental procedures on the principle of one day surgery.

For treatment and medical observation after surgery or instrumental examinations, patients from the assigned contingent and persons taken for medical care under contracts for the provision of paid medical services are sent.

Patients are referred to the day hospital by the doctors of the polyclinic in accordance with the List of diseases to be treated in the day hospital of the TMO polyclinic.

Hospitalization in a day hospital for observation after surgery or after instrumental examinations on the principle of one day surgery is carried out in accordance with the approved List of types of medical and diagnostic assistance.

In the day hospital, patients are hospitalized on a planned and emergency basis in the absence of contraindications for treatment on an outpatient basis.

I. List of diseases to be treated in the day hospital of the TMA polyclinic.

Essential hypertension of the I-II st., With uncomplicated hypercrisis, without rhythm disturbance;
Uncomplicated forms of coronary heart disease;
Obliterating vascular diseases of the lower extremities;
Chronic persistent or cryptogenic hepatitis without or with mild to moderate liver dysfunction
Steatohepatosis with mild to moderate liver dysfunction
Varicose veins;
Joint diseases: gout, arthrosis, polyarthrosopathy;
Acute catarrhal otitis media and sinusitis;
Conservative treatment of sensory hearing loss and deafness;
Chronic prostatitis in st. exacerbation.
Болезни нервной системы.

Цереброваскулярные болезни:

- начальные проявления ХНМК;

- дисциркуляторная энцефалопатия 1, 11 в (при отсутствии выраженных когнитивных нарушений)

Воспалительные болезни центральной нервной системы:

- последствия менингита, арахноидита, энцефаломиелита без неврологического дефицита;

Демиелинизирующие болезни центральной нервной системы:

- последствия рассеянного энцефаломиелита без неврологического дефицита;

Травма ЦНС и ПНС:

- отдаленные последствия ЧМТ (без эписиндром, грубого неврологического дефицита, когнитивных нарушений)

- последствия травм периферических нервов.

Заболевания ПНС:

- невралгия тройничного нерва;

- хроническая радикулопатия с сенсорным нарушениями, периферийным парезом;

- диабетическая дистальная полинейропатия.

II. The list of types of medical and diagnostic aid in the day hospital of the TMO polyclinic according to the one day surgery system.

Surgical treatment of wounds;
Removal of benign tumors of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, mucous membranes
Surgical treatment of the nail ingrown;
Removal of foreign bodies;
Coagulation and necrotization of hemorrhoids
Surgical treatment of abscesses of various etiology and localization (panaritium, paronychia, hydradenitis, carbuncle, furuncle, purulent bartholinitis, coccyx cysts, etc.);
Excision of keloid scars;
Imposition of primary - delayed, early, late sutures.
Reduction of traumatic dislocations of limb segments;
Applying and removing plaster casts;
Removal of hollyazioniv eyelids, barley;
Reduction of twists and turns of the eyelids;
Retinal laser coagulation;
Removal of small foreign bodies of the conjunctiva, eyelids and cornea
Lancing of abscesses of the nasal septum, auditory canal;
Puncture of the maxillary sinuses;
Electrocoagulation of the cervix;
Removal of the intrauterine device;
Complex tooth extraction;
Dislocation of the lower jaw.

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