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Attention! Since 01.01.2021 the institution will provide doctor`s appointment only! If you want to register for fee-for-service medicine, please provide your tax payer number.

Dermatology department

In the hospital (with a polyclinic) on the 4th floor of the dental department there is a dermatological office.

In a dermatological cabinet of the polyclinic, they will consult and carry out a full examination, perform procedures for the care of problem skin, treat skin diseases, etc.

A dermatologist will diagnose diseases such as dermatitis, urticaria, fungal diseases, warts, scabies, prickly heat, etc.

If you or your family members have skin problems, do not try to diagnose yourself and prescribe treatment, contact your doctor and he will take care of you, and you will forget about it forever.

Remember "Healthy skin is your beauty and protection from all diseases!"

A dermatologist is always at your service.


Contact phones: 

483-21-54 or 483-78-07

(с) 2022

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